By prototyping with trial or auxiliary tools, you have the opportunity to test the requirements of the product at an early stage and without any major cost risks. In this manner, installation capability, tool concept, part quality and, in the case of close-to-production prototypes, even the mechanical properties of a component can be ensured at an early stage. The experience and insights gained from prototype construction subsequently form the basis for an optimized series tool and a functionally and dimensionally accurate component.

In the field of prototyping of conceptual models or prototypes, we use all known rapid prototyping methods together with our partners:

  • Stereolithography
  • Selective laser sintering (SLS)
  • Silicone vacuum casting
  • Casting of components made of PA6 with/without glass fiber content

Large-volume parts such as housing parts can be realized by means of low-pressure casting, lamination or deep drawing.

In our in-house tool shop, we create tools or mold inserts for close-to-production injection molding prototypes. Our range of services include:

  • Mold inserts made of aluminum for producing injection-molded components in aluminum master tools (undercuts made via inserts; connection design not always close to production)
  • Aluminum tools for producing small quantities required for low-wear materials
  • Steel tools for close-to-series pre-series production until utilization as series start or emergency safeguarding

Our experience in the various fields of rapid prototyping combined high-performance mold making form the basis for short development times with maximum knowledge gain.


Our internal tool shop closely integrates construction, tooling and injection molding. This ensures an improved exchange of experience, multiplication of department-specific expertise and short communication paths. As a result, it is easy for us to turn customer requirements into concrete design features and discuss tool concepts on an equal footing with our associated tool and component suppliers.

Tool changes and repairs are implemented in-house in a flexible manner. You benefit from the best possible planning and delivery reliability.

Implemented tool concepts Machinery
  • Multi-cavity molds
  • Multi-component molds
  • Hybrid tools
  • Stack molds
  • Gas injection tools
  • CNC milling machines
  • Vertical eroding machine
  • High-speed milling center
  • Grinding machines
  • Conventional processing machines (turning, drilling, milling, grinding)
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