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We love plastics. That is why deller plastics has dedicated itself to the innovative and economical production of complex plastic precision components from all common thermoplastic materials since 1959.

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The injection molding of thermoplastics forms the core of our products. A team that masters this process completely – down to the smallest detail – is the basis for great plastic parts.

Our modern machinery ensures process safety and cost-effectiveness from plasticizing the material to demolding the finished product.

We currently produce components of less than one gram up to the kilogram range using 50 injection molding machines with clamping forces of 25 to 900 tons. For customers from the region and far beyond.

FDC – Lightweight construction

Whether glass, carbon or natural fibers – deller plastics is one of the first to use FDC technology and integrate individually cut fibers into your products. This not only saves weight and money, but also secures Germany’s future.

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For over 25 years, we have been experts in multi-component injection molding with the common process variants

– Core-back technology
– Index plate
– Rotary plate mold
– Transfer technology

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GID – Gas-injection molding

By using gas-injection molding, we are able to offer you hollow products with improved surface quality, reduced weight, reduced manufacturing costs and lower material usage.

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Hybrid technology – Multi-material compound

Whether compounds between functional element and polymer or plastic-metal compounds. Thanks to hybrid technology, we are able to integrate several product features and functions into the product in just one step.

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Hybrid technology
Insert technology
Outsert technology

Sequential injection molding

Injection molding of long flow paths without weld lines for optically and technically high requirements.

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Multicavities and stack molds

We manufacture up to 80-fold stack molds and use multi-cavity molds for large-scale production.

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