Since 1959, deller plastics has dedicated itself to the innovative and economical production of complex plastic precision components from nearly all thermoplastic materials.

Material use p.a.

1400 tons p.a.


700 tons p.a.


350 tons p.a.


260 tons p.a.


90 tons p.a.

High-performance plastics

High-performance plastics for high-end applications.

Whether for metal substitution or just extreme requirements:
We process nearly all high-performance plastics.

Polyphenylensulfid PPS

Wir verwenden PPS für Großserien der Automobilindustrie mit Null-Fehler-Anspruch. PPS ist ein hochtemperaturbeständiges (>240 °C) Thermoplast, welches sich außerdem durch weitere herausragende chemische Eigenschaften auszeichnet.

Auf diese Eigenschaften der PPS Kunststoffe setzen unsere Kunden:

  • hohe Reinheit
  • hochkristallin
  • gute elektrische Isolierung
  • gute Kriechfestigkeit
  • dimensionsstabil über große Temperatur- und Feuchtebereiche

Hier stellen wir Ihnen einen unserer PPS-Artikel vor: [KLICK]

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

Whether for aerospace, automotive, or other high-end applications: PEEK is one material in the field of metal substitution. With a melting temperature of 335° C and a tensile modulus of 3600 MPa, this material is suitable for applications in which metals are otherwise used.

PEEK offers even more advantages: excellent room temperature properties, very good chemical resistance, inherent V0 to UL 94, sufficient radiation stability, excellent hydrolysis resistance, extremely high impact strength, minimal creep and extremely low outgassing rate. Talk to us about our experience in this area.

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

PBT combines stiffness, toughness, heat resistance and dimensional stability in a cost-effective manner.
The production of PBT is comparable to that of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Due to its molecular structure, PBT is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and has numerous PET-related properties. Process-friendly processing quality often compensates for lower mechanical properties compared to PET.

Polyphthalamide (PPA)

PPA is ideal for use in chemical environments and at high temperatures. As a result, it is used especially in the automotive industry and electronic applications as a substitute for metals that require high temperature resistance. We process PPA with glass fiber content of 20-70%
PPA, like all thermoplastics, can be completely recycled. It offers better cost efficiency than metal and is also cheaper than PEEK.

PA6.6, PA11, PA12

We process almost all available polyamides. Special solutions, such as PA12 products (lowest water absorption of all polyamides), are challenges that we like to regularly face.
Find the right PA 6.6, PA 6, PA12 or PA-X for your application with us.

This highly resilient material is free of plasticizers, biodegradable and resistant to a variety of chemical substances such as oils, greases and solvents.

Exceptional damping properties result in a high dynamic load with only a relatively small amount of heating – an advantage that offers a significantly longer service life, especially for roller coverings and spring elements.

We use PUR elastomers in areas where the load would be too great for the well-known natural and synthetic rubbers:

  • Wipers of all kinds
  • Elements for slides
  • Wheel coverings & rollers
  • Buffer stops
  • etc.

PVC-P (polyvinyl chloride with plasticizer)

This material is used in door and window seals, handles, linings, conveyor belts, etc.

Wherever low tear resistance and good abrasion resistance are required.

Come speak with us – we are happy to advise you!

Top equipment

Top quality for the best results.

Whether it is man-power, injection molding machines or testing equipment:
We rely on the right people & up-to-date machinery.

50 machines, 25-900 t clamping force

We manufacture on modern injection molding machines. Efficient, powerful, environmentally conscious. Thanks to our broad spectrum, we deliver the best product at competitive prices. Quality through quality: We rely on strong partners such as Arburg and Krausmaffei to guarantee the best quality for you.

We know plastics.

Plastics are our passion. We love innovating and always embark on new paths with our customers and partners. We manufacture “simple plastic objects” and highly complex special solutions in large-scale production. In doing so, we rely on the following procedures:

Further information about our range of services can be found in the section Services/Injection Molding – LINK

Strong in steel

We manufacture in a modern tool shop with over 1000 sq m

Mold weights up to 5 tons/mold half

4 x CAD workstations

3 x CAM workstations

8 x CNC milling machines – up to 800 x 600 mm up to 20,000 rpm

1 x CNC – High-speed milling center – up to 550 x 700 mm and up to 42,000 rpm

2 x Flat grinding – up to 630 x 500 mm

3 x EDM up to 500 x 350 x 500 mm with up to 28x changer and 60 A of power

3 x Boring mills – up to 50 mm drilling capacity for steel

2 x Cronitex welding machines

First-class quality

In order to guarantee you the best quality, we offer the following procedures in-house:

  • 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Torque testing
  • Projectors
  • Quality assurance software for data collection among other tasks

More information is available under Services/Quality (LINK)

  • 200 million products in 2017
  • 8,000 sq m of production and logistics space
  • 5000-pallet storage facility
  • 150 employee
  • 153 satisfied customers
  • Industry-standard certified