Company foundation

With a high degree of personal commitment, Hardy Braselmann (businessman) and his cousin Peter Braselmann (farmer) bravely take a chance at something totally new for this time: Injection molding of thermoplastics. Initially in a garage in Ennepetal Oberbauer and shortly thereafter in Delle near Breckerfeld in a converted chicken coop they set off on a new venture. Even though many things have changed in recent years, we continue to work and live according to this entrepreneurial spirit:

We are committed.

We dare to innovate.

Peter Braselmann becomes the sole owner

As a result of a war injury, Hardy is killed in a car accident. The situation requires Peter Braselmann to rise to the commercial challenge and, as the sole owner, he continues to run the business. In the following period, the parental orchard has to gradually give way to the structural expansions.

Uwe Braselmann joins deller plastics

In years following, important steps are taken to develop the company further.
Uwe Braselmann, who became familiar with the challenges of a family business as a child, joins the company after completing his studies in plastics engineering (Darmstadt). A considerable challenge is the development of mold making, which subsequently significantly contributes to the company’s ongoing successful development.

Expansion of the facilities

From the garage to the first small hall. deller plastics quickly needs more space. Several expansions follow and in 1987 the last expansion takes place in Delle – the company has reached its spatial limits at this location.

Opening of Factory II

Just five years later, the time has come again: A lack of space inhibits the company from developing further. The company is presented with the opportunity to acquire a commercial hall in Ennepetal – an intermediate step that is necessary because the City of Breckerfeld is not yet able to offer a commercial site.
This also distinguishes us: We made a commitment our location and consider ourselves responsible for the people who trust us.

New construction and relocation

Ten years after the last expansion in Delle, the move to the current property in Schützenstraße in Breckerfeld takes place. With its modern design that is tailored to the requirements of an injection molding company, it greatly contributes to the steady, successful development of the company. Soon, even this space is no longer sufficient and the hall is expanded, the warehouse increased and additional capacity for injection molding machines is created.

Expansion of storage area and tool shop

A modern high-bay warehouse, fire-protected mold warehouse and rooms flooded with light for the now much larger tool shop are constructed south of the existing buildings. The tool shop has developed, not only spatially. Thanks to modern machinery, more employees and higher qualifications, we are now able to create complex molds in-house. (LINK)


One hundred million plastic parts within one year. A milestone for us and a confirmation of our performance by our customers. A new benchmark in production, logistics and quality performance. In 2017, we doubled this value.

Jann Braselmann joins deller plastics

As Jann Braselmann comes aboard in 2013 and joins the Executive Board in 2015, we continue on the path that makes up most of Germany’s economic performance: Taking on responsibility in medium-sized family businesses. Personal commitment to the company means offering our clients reliability and continuity by passion. For our employees, we strive to be exactly what we are: A family business: Living values, developing people.